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"Works really good, takes 1/2 the time of the old unit."

Steve, Jiffy Lube #2096, Phoenix, AZ


"Definitely pumps faster."

Joey, Jiffy Lube #1664, Phoenix, AZ


"Works great, really fast on the Ford differentials."

Chris, Jiffy Lube #2279, Mesa, AZ


"The machine paid for itself in 2 days. Send me one for my other store."

Chris Taddeo, Quick Change, Upper St. Clair, PA


"Feel free to give out my name and number as a referral. Also if you would like, I would have no problem penning a letter of reference, we are incredibly satisfied with your equipment."

Phillip Page, At Your Home Auto, Henderson, NV


"We have been using only evacuation for 16 years. We don't touch drain plugs."

Chris Coffola From Clarkstown Auto Lube in Valley Cottage, NY.


"Works just like advertised."

Bruce Grove, Bag Enterprises, Sterling VA


"It's nice doing business with you. Your equipment shows up on time and always works great."

Randy, Murray Motors Imports, Denver CO.


" Still works great. Use it everyday! (Purchased August 1994)

Harold Sutter, Sutter Motor Sales, Reed City, Michigan


"The machines work great. If you need a testimonial let me know!"

Jack Whitford, Owner, Minit Man 10 Minute Oil, Corpus Christi Texas 


"It provides a simple and easy-to-use method of evacuating fluid from the pan area of transmissions before the pan is removed, thus eliminating the spill potential that we've experienced in the past. It is without a doubt, the best purchase we've made in a long time." 

ASA member Bob Jones, Quality Transmission, Tempe, AZ. (From an article in Auto Inc. May 1999.) 


"I have two machines that were purchased about ten years ago and they still work great!"

John Potucek, Action Lube, Monroe, Connecticut


"Simple, rugged, works every time...we use it for ATF, differential, manual transmissions and motor oil on cars with damaged drain plugs."

Bill Lowdermilk, President, Minit Oil Change, Shreveport, Louisiana. 


Even our return policy passes the test!


"Thank you so much for your professional handling of this. I appreciate it. The product and the service have been exemplary. I am sincerely sorry that it wasn't the ideal product for my application."

Doug Robertson, Kansas City, Missouri

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