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Oil Service Caddy

All-in-one Evacuator & Filler

Our Oil-Service Caddy evacuates used oil from the engine and delivers fresh oil to the engine through a digital handle-operated dispenser, all in one portable, self-contained unit.

The Oil-Service Caddy has a convenient handle, pneumatic tires with tubes (four inches wide and ten inches in diameter), and skid plates which allow for full mobility in and out of a van, in the shop, or around the yard.

Two handy storage bins hold new and old oil and gas filters. The old filters are held in a leak-proof bin, which can be removed from the Oil-Service Caddy and taken on board. No more drips, oily rags, or slippery cut-away plastic containers that could be tipped over or dropped.

The standard Oil-Service Caddy comes with two six-gallon tanks (one for fresh oil and one for drain oil), and two 20 foot hoses (both drain and fill) so you can reach the engine from the floor, dock, or service truck. A ten-foot hose is supplied to suck oil from your bulk tank into the Oil-Service Caddy's fresh oil holding tank, and a ten-foot, quick disconnect drain hose is supplied to empty the Oil-Service Caddy's drain oil holding tank into your recycling tank.

A variety of adapters to fit dipstick tubes are supplied as well as caps to fit all hose ends so the possibility of drips is minimized.

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